Ends on May 15, 2018

Call for Abstracts

The Biology Section of the National Speleological Society invites abstract submissions
for the Speleobiology Session at the 2018 National Speleological Society Convention in
Helena, Montana from July 30th – August 3rd (http://nss2018.caves.org).

The Biospeleology Session (Thursday, August 2nd) will include oral presentations
highlighting the latest research in cave biology around the world. All cave biology related
research is welcome including species descriptions, behavioral observations, microbial
ecology, ecosystem-scale studies, or outreach activities. Abstracts should be 250 words or
less, and include the title of the paper and the author’s names, professional affiliations,
and mailing addresses. Please provide an email address for the presenting author and
identify whether you prefer an oral or poster presentation.

Please also note that the NSS Biology Section is offering a Student Travel Grant to help
cover registration and/or travel costs. The application for this award should be submitted
at the same time as the abstract. Interested students are encouraged to contact
mlporter@hawaii.edu for further information and application materials.

The deadline for abstract submission is Tuesday May 15, 2018

Please submit your abstracts to the Biospeleology Session through the NSS website
you have any questions!

Sarah W. Keenan
Biospeleology Session Chair
Biology Section Vice Chair
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